Whistle Blower Protection

The Capricornian Ltd’s (TCL) Whistleblower Policy details the framework for receiving, investigating and addressing allegations of Reportable Conduct.

The Whistleblower Policy applies to Whistleblowers, who can be current and former employees, directors, officers, associates and suppliers of TCL. It also includes the relatives, dependents and spouses of those people and TCL’s contractors, consultants, third party providers, brokers and auditors.

The Whistleblower Policy sets out:

  • who is entitled to protection as a whistleblower under this policy;
  • the protections whistleblowers are entitled to under this policy;
  • to whom and how disclosures can be made by whistleblowers in accordance with this policy
  • how TCL will investigate and handle a protected disclosure; and
  • how TCL will ensure fair treatment of any whistleblower under this policy.

Whistleblower Protection Officer/Dispute Resolution Officer Contact Details:

The Capricornian Ltd      
Attention: Whistleblower Protection Officer
PO Box 1135
Rockhampton Qld 4700

To view the policy click here.