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If you’ve lost your Capricornian Debit card, or think it may have been stolen, please contact us immediately. You can contact your local branch during business hours, or report your card lost or stolen outside of business hours by calling 1800 139 241.

If the loss, theft or misuse, occurs OUTSIDE AUSTRALIA you must notify an organisation displaying the VISA sign or by telephoning the VISA Card Hotline number for the country you are in.

If you’re experiencing financial stress related to illness, unemployment or reduced income, a pandemic, natural disaster or relationship breakdown – we’re here to help. Ask us in branch or call our Contact Centre.

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The Financial Claims Scheme (FCS) is an Australian Government scheme that provides protection to deposits in banks, building societies and credit unions in the unlikely event that one of these financial institutions fails. The FCS has also been referred to as the Australian Government deposit guarantee.

Under the FCS, eligible deposits are protected up to a limit of $250,000 for each account holder at each bank, building society or credit union incorporated in Australia and licensed by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

The FCS can only come into effect if it is activated by the Australian Government when an institution fails. Once activated, the FCS will be administered by APRA.

The objectives of the FCS are to:

  • Protect depositors of banks, building societies and credit unions incorporated in Australia from potential loss due to the failure of these institutions
  • Provide depositors with prompt access to their deposits that are protected under the FCS
  • Support the stability of the Australian financial system.

The following frequently asked questions relate to the Financial Claims Scheme for banks, building societies and credit unions.

For further information about the Scheme: visit APRA’s Financial Claims Scheme website here or contact APRA by phone on 1300 558 849.

Useful Links: Money Smart

The Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice (COBCOP) is the code of practice for Australia’s credit unions, mutual banks and mutual building societies.

Members of credit unions, mutual banks and mutual building societies can have confidence in knowing they are covered by a market leading, plain English commitment to fair and responsible banking. The Code is just another example of the value customer owned banking institutions place on improving the financial wellbeing of their members and their communities.

The Capricornian Ltd’s (TCL) Whistleblower Policy details the framework for receiving, investigating and addressing allegations of Reportable Conduct.

The Whistleblower Policy applies to Whistleblowers, who can be current and former employees, directors, officers, associates and suppliers of TCL. It also includes the relatives, dependents and spouses of those people and TCL’s contractors, consultants, third party providers, brokers and auditors.

The Whistleblower Policy sets out:

  • who is entitled to protection as a whistleblower under this policy;
  • the protections whistleblowers are entitled to under this policy;
  • to whom and how disclosures can be made by whistleblowers in accordance with this policy
  • how TCL will investigate and handle a protected disclosure; and
  • how TCL will ensure fair treatment of any whistleblower under this policy.

Whistleblower Protection Officer/Dispute Resolution Officer Contact Details:

The Capricornian Ltd      
Attention: Whistleblower Protection Officer
PO Box 1135
Rockhampton Qld 4700

To view the policy click here.

What is Open Banking?

Open Banking, also called the Consumer Data Right, aims to provide greater choice and control for Australians over how their data is used and disclosed. It will allow consumers to access particular information in a usable form and to direct a business to securely transfer that information to an accredited data recipient. To find out who is accredited by the ACCC to receive data through Open Banking, take a look at the Consumer Data Right website.

Open Banking is a service that gives you greater access and control of your banking product and service information. It may improve the way you compare products and services between providers, so it is easier for you to find what best meets your needs.

The Australian Government passed the Consumer Data Right (CDR) legislation in 2019, which is often referred to by the banking industry as Open Banking.

When is it available?

Product information – October, 2020

Generic information about savings, transaction, term deposits, loan and credit card products including features, eligibility, rates and fees will be available from Thursday 1st October 2020.

This is available through a new Product API (Application Programming Interface).

This will enable other providers to use this information to compare banking products for consumers, and as such increase competition and make it easier for you to compare products and services.

Customer and account transaction data – July 2021

As at 1 July 2021, The Capricornian as a Data Holder remains unable to facilitate consumer data sharing. We are working closely with the ACCC under a rectification schedule to ensure we can provide this service to our members as soon as possible.

As we get closer to being able to deliver customer and transactional data, further information will be available to show you how to consent to and share your data. This will occur via your internet banking and banking app access.


As always, our priority is protecting your privacy and information.

We have strict requirements for collecting, accessing, storing and sharing your information to ensure your data remains safe.

You are in control of your data, including who can have it and how it is used, there will be new privacy safeguards such as consent requirements to enable this. These safeguards have been established by the Consumer Data Right legislation and adherence to those rules will be monitored and any breach can result in substantial penalties.

You can request The Capricornian Ltd to stop sharing your data with other third parties at any time, or if a third party is retrieving your data, you can request to have it deleted.

Further Information

For more information about the Consumer Data Right (CDR), please visit the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website or email our team at

Developer Information

Our APIs have been developed in accordance with the Consumer Data Standards.

The PRD APIs are available to everyone with no restrictions.

They can be accessed by HTTP/ Get in REST format.

Get Product API – retrieve a list of our products on offer in the market

Technical Specification : Consumer Data Right Get Products Specification

Get Product Details API – retrieve detailed information on a specific product{productid}

Technical Specification : Consumer Data Right Get Product Details Specification

Consumer Data Rights Policy

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