The Capricornian Difference

Why is The Capricornian different?

The Capricornian provides an alternative choice in banking – as it’s community owned banking.

We are a credit union not a bank.

Credit Unions are financial institutions where people come to borrow and save money, much like a bank, however we’re owned by our members.
We believe in fairer banking for our members and offer a true banking alternative with quality personal banking and business banking services. We also help to sustain and grow our community groups by working closely with charities, organisations and clubs through sponsorships, donations, fundraising and volunteering.

We’re local

We know our customers, their families and what’s going on in the local community. Our customers are our focus and our service is personal. We listen to our customers and it’s their opinions and values that we rely on to help us make responsible decisions when it comes to investing their money in to products, services and community initiatives.

Credit Unions are regulated in exactly the same way as banks, we are ‘authorised deposit taking institutions’ regulated under the Banking Act, APRA oversight and the Corporations Act. Despite this credit unions offer a genuine alternative to major banks because each credit union is committed to the financial wellbeing of its members/customers.

Credit unions offer highly competitive loan rates, attractive savings rates and lower fees compared to many other financial institutions:

  • We will respect the right of confidentiality of members
  • We will be consistent in all our dealings with members and keep our promises
  • We will treat all members with honesty and integrity
  • We will strive to improve our services through productivity gains
  • We will endeavour to provide quality service in all our dealings with members
  • We will act in the best interest of all members and be responsive to their needs