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Community Grants Application Guide

4 minute read

At The Capricornian, our focus is on strengthening relationships and supporting worthy not-for-profit organisations and initiatives that deliver ongoing benefits to communities within Central Queensland.

One of the ways we provide this support is through our Community Grants program – if you’re considering applying for funding, here are some essential tips to help you put together a compelling application.

1. Understand Our Program

Before diving into the application process, take the time to familiarise yourself with our values, eligibility criteria and guidelines. We’ve designed our application kit to be as straightforward as possible, so please read it carefully to ensure you’re a good fit for a funding opportunity.

2. Do Some Homework

Before you start writing, determine how you would use a Community Grant if successful. We strongly recommend researching The Capricornian, in addition to past recipients of our Community Grants, as a way to help explain why your project should receive funding over other applicants.

3. Define Your “Why”

As we receive a high volume of applications, it is important to develop a proposal that communicates your project or idea effectively and passionately. Understanding your “why” helps to paint the bigger picture – how will your project or idea create positive change, who will it benefit and on what scale?

4. Start Writing Early

To increase your chances of success, don’t leave your application until the last minute. Plan ahead, making sure you understand the Community Grants program timeline and submit your completed application kit as per our guidelines before the application closing date.

5. Prove Your Passion

Your proposal should convey enthusiasm and excitement for your project, describing its worthiness e.g. potential short/medium/long term impact(s), broader community benefits and how it aligns with the values of our organisation. Remember that grant reviewers assess a large number of applications, so make yours stand out and catch their attention.

6. Proofread Your Application

Write your application in a clear and concise tone that is easily understood, avoiding industry-specific jargon and acronyms that assessors may not understand. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and unclear application information can also affect the outcome of your proposal – so be sure to proofread thoroughly.

7. Get External Feedback

Consider having someone outside of your project review your application and provide feedback – a fresh perspective may help identify any areas that need clarification or revision.

8. Clearly Define Goals

Your application should have clearly defined, specific and achievable goals. Identify the challenge you are currently facing, propose a potential solution to the issue and explain how our funding would assist in achieving this. Claims made on your application form should also be demonstrated by evidence and/or supporting documentation wherever applicable.

9. Remember Marketing Matters

Consider potential promotion opportunities to increase visibility of your project/event and what can be effectively managed with the resources you have available. Create a marketing plan that covers both free and paid advertising if applicable with start/end dates and platforms included for reference.

10. Have A Budget

A carefully considered budget demonstrates that your project is well-planned, cost-effective and feasible. Attach estimates or quotes as necessary to give assessors a better understanding of where funding will be applied, making sure it aligns with your project’s goals and objectives.

11. Create An Evaluation Strategy

Develop a plan to evaluate the success of your project if you were to receive funding. With your previously defined goals and objectives in mind, how will you know when they’ve been met and how can you measure the level of success? A well-structured evaluation approach adds credibility to your application.

12. Seek Guidance

If you’re still unsure about any aspect of the application process, please reach out to The Capricornian’s Marketing & Community Engagement Team at for clarification.

Each grant request we receive is assessed individually, based on community need, application merit and whether the application has met the Community Grant selection criteria.

Good luck!

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