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A Year of Meaningful Community Sponsorships

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At The Capricornian, we wholeheartedly embrace the spirit of giving back to the communities that have embraced us; as we continue to serve the community.

This year has been a remarkable journey as we continued to empower and uplift local groups through our branch-level and corporate sponsorships.

Join us as we reflect on the impact we’ve made, the meaningful partnerships we’ve forged and the community connections we’ve created throughout Central Queensland.

Branch-Level Sponsorships: Nurturing Local Passion

Our commitment to community engagement shines through our branch-level sponsorships. Our branches have sponsored and array of events, groups and initiative’s this year:

  • Capella Branch proudly supported this year’s Peak Downs Pirates Junior Rugby League season
  • Miriam Vale backed the Miriam Vale Golf Club Junior Golf Championships
  • East Street Rockhampton is a proud supporter of the Rockhampton Panthers AFC
  • Stockland Rockhampton once again sponsored Tigers Junior Rugby League Club
  • Yeppoon Branch aligns with the harmonious tunes of the Yeppoon Choral Society Inc.

These partnerships go beyond financial support; they represent our dedication to fostering local talent and nurturing community spirit. We believe that by standing together, we can achieve greatness, and our branch-level sponsorships exemplify this philosophy.

Corporate Sponsorships: Enriching Cultural Threads

In addition to our grassroots connections, The Capricornian is proud to support organisations that contribute to the cultural tapestry of Central Queensland.

  • The Rockhampton Symphony Orchestra, a beacon of artistic brilliance, has found a steadfast partner in us.
  • Our collaboration with the Indian Association of Central Queensland for the Diwali Milan ‘Festival of Lights’ reflects our commitment to celebrating diversity. This joyous occasion brings together people from various provinces, fostering unity and understanding.
  • Lastly, our sponsorship of Rockhampton Basketball Inc. (RBI) focuses on junior development and the exciting RBI Junior Representative Teams. We believe in nurturing the future stars of our community, providing them with opportunities to shine on and off the court.

The Heartbeat of Our Community

At The Capricornian, our commitment to the local community is not just a part of our identity; it is part of our vision and mission statement. Through these sponsorships, we aim to create a ripple effect that positivity impacts the growth and prosperity of our region.

As we reflect on the year gone by, we are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to be a catalyst for positive change.

As we move forward, we invite you to join us on this journey of community empowerment. Your support, whether as a member or a community partner, plays a crucial role in shaping the future of Central Queensland. Together, we can continue to support and bolster the community connections that define us as more than a credit union – we are a community, united in purpose and passion.

In every sponsorship, in every partnership, and in every community event, The Capricornian proudly stands with you, making a real impact where it matters the most – in the heart of our community.

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