Other Access Options

Direct Debit/ Credit Services

Receive and make payments directly from your Capricornian account with our direct debit bill paying service. Manage your bills by having them directly debited from your account. You can also have money sent to you from any financial institution in Australia directly into your account.
All you need to do is provide our BSB number 813049 along with your Account Number and Account Name.

Future Payments

Future payments take the stress out of managing all of your regular payments. You can transfer money or make future payments to your own or other’s accounts, on a regular basis that suits you (e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly). You can schedule the number of payments for an indefinite or fixed number of occurrences. Your payments can be in the form of transfers between your personal accounts, other members’ accounts and accounts of individuals from other financial institutions. You can also set up future payments to BPAY billers.

Cheque Facility

The Capricornian can link a Cheque Book Facility to most of our Access Accounts.