The Capricornian Continues to Rally Behind Planet Arc Initiative

Since the move to eStatements first commenced in January 2014, The Capricornian has donated a total of $7842 to the Planet Ark Papercuts initiative.

“It’s great that The Capricornian continues to take part in our ‘Papercutz 4 PlanetArk’ initiative”, said Freya Paterson, Corporate Development & Marketing Manager of Planet Ark.

“Over the last three years, we’ve enjoyed seeing thousands of credit union members get behind this campaign to cut back on their paper use and reduce their environmental impact.  At the same time, the funds raised have helped Planet Ark educate more Australians about the benefits of reducing waste and recycling, through our campaigns such as National Recycling Week and National Tree Day.  We’re extremely grateful for their support.” Freya Paterson said.Planet Ark

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