Smash For the Stash finally goes off!!

Pinky, Justin Stitt, Beau Voysey and Banksy

Who would have thought a dinner plate could be worth thousands of dollars?

For months Banksy and Pinky from radio station Triple M Central Queensland, have been waiting for the correct answer in The Capricornian’s Smash for the Stash. Guesses have included star pickets, a spoon, bike bell, matchbox cars and false teeth. After four weeks of trying to get through, Gladstone listener Beau Voysey took home a cool $4650 after he successfully guessed a dinner plate.

Banksy and Pinky didn’t expect it to take so long, they thought that it would go off within a week. Why a dinner plate? Banksy realised they hadn’t smashed anything for listeners to guess so at the last minute he ran to the office kitchen, grabbed a dinner plate and smashed it.

Beau is putting the extra cash to good use and purchasing a car trailer and attending car shows with his brother in Brisbane.

Could you be the next winner? Listen to Bansky and Pinky each morning for your chance to win!


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