Minimising Your Fees

At The Capricornian, we are committed to ensuring our members are aware of the many ways to minimise their fees.

Choose the appropriate account

Save on banking fees by choosing the right account for you. For further assistance in finding out the best account for you, simply visit any branch of The Capricornian or contact our Capricornian Contact Centre team on 1300 314 900.

Use Capricornian ATMs to avoid Direct Charges

Our members have access to their very own network of Capricornian ATMs. Withdrawing money from a Capricornian ATM will avoid fees being charged.  Alternatively you now have free access to over 10,000 ATMs Australia wide, including those operated by the ‘Big 4’ banks (Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, Westpac and NAB).

When Shopping

If you have a Visa Debit card, press credit when using EFTPOS. You get unlimited “credit” transactions each month on your Visa Debit card while still using your own money.

Pay your bills electronically

Using Online Banking, Mobile Banking or our mobile banking app ‘The Cap App’, you have the ability to pay any bill electronically using our BPAY® facility. BPAY® transactions from your Access Accounts are free.

Reduce the number of accounts you have

“Do you really need all those accounts”. If you have a number of accounts, you may be incurring fees on each. Consider consolidating your accounts.

Reduce the number of withdrawals you make

When you use an ATM, plan your week’s spending and withdraw more cash less often to reduce the number of transactions you make.

Account Balances

Remember to keep sufficient funds in your account to cover personal cheques you write and automatic payments you have established. By doing this you will avoid both honour and dishonour account fees.

You can check your balance any anytime using our Mobile Banking, our mobile app ‘The Cap App’ or Online Banking.

You can also establish a ‘Sweep’ facility from another account which will automatically replenish your Access Account from funds held in another account.

Using EFTPOS cash-out facilities

If you need some cash, save time and fees by combining your transactions and getting cash out at the checkout where available.