Fees and Charges

Fair and Simple Fees

We have designed our products to keep our fees and charges transparent and fair for our members.  In fact, most of our core products have the same basic structure so that the fees are easy to understand.

The Capricornian Ltd is a “mutual” – not a bank.  This means that we are not in the business of maximising profits for external shareholders, so our fees are fairer.  Our policy on fees is simply cost recovery.  That is, we average the cost of providing a service and pass it on to those who use it.

Click on the links below to view our fees and changes for our savings and investment accounts and our loan accounts.

Savings and Transaction Account Fees and Transaction Limits

Loan Account Fees and Charges

Service Fees and Charges

Minimise your fees

For more information contact Member Connect on  1300 314 900 or drop into any Capricornian branch.