iSaver Account

Under $5,000
Interest rate
0.10 % p.a*
$5,000 - $49,999
Interest rate
0.80 % p.a*
$50,000 and over
Interest rate
1.10 % p.a*

*Paid on the whole balance within each tier. Rates effective as at 23 October 2019.

If you’re looking for an online cash management account that delivers high interest without having to tie your money up for a fixed term, look no further than the iSaver. As an added bonus, the iSaver can reduce the monthly interest on your mortgage with our Offset facility. Instead of earning interest on your iSaver, you can offset that interest against your home loan to reduce the amount on interest you pay.

Features and Benefits:

  • Online account offering high interest rate
  • 24/7 electronic access to funds
  • No monthly service fee 1
  • Save thousands of dollars on your home loan as an offset facility

Key Features:

Available to Individuals, Companies and Trusts for personal or business use
Availability of funds At-call
Minimum to open $1.00

Access Methods:

Branch transactions Deposits only
Online Banking Yes
Phone Banking Yes
Personal Cheque facility No
Direct credits/debits Yes
Overdraft facility No

Fees and Charges

1  First account free, $6.00 per month for subsequent accounts.

Disclaimer: Please note this information does not take into account your personal circumstances and is general advice only. Before opening any Capricornian account, please read the Account and Access Facility Conditions of Use and decide if the account is right for you. Interest rates are subject to change without notice and should be verified with your local Capricornian Branch.