Personal Accounts

Choose from a wide range of bank accounts for your personal banking needs. Our bank accounts include access accounts for everyday banking, savings accounts to help you save and investment accounts for all of the things you want and need later in life.

Our range also includes accounts specifically designed for our younger members as well as our retired people offering higher interest rates and fee savings.

Our Access Accounts:

  • Access Account

    A simple and flexible everyday account, easy to transact with direct crediting of your pay or other income and flexible withdrawal and transaction options to suit you.
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  • Student Access Account

    Specifically designed exclusively for students, apprentices and trainees with 24/7 access to your hard earned money.
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  • Packaged Access Account

    An everyday transaction account specifically established for our existing Packaged Home Loan members.
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  • Youth Access Account

    An access and savings account designed to encourage our people up to the age of 16 years to develop healthy savings habits and rewarded with a credit interest incentive.
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  • Pension Access Account

    An access account that allows our senior members to manage their finances wisely and enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle.
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Savings and Investment Accounts

The Capricornian’s Savings Accounts can help you increase your wealth, offering the flexibility to access your money. Depending on your savings account type, access to your money can be made either electronically through Online Banking or over the counter at any of our branches.

Our Term Deposit products provide you with safety and security of your investment.

Our Savings and Investment Accounts:

  • iSaver Account

    An online savings account offering high interest returns with 24/7 access through online banking and Phonefast.
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  • Everyday Saver Account

    An alternative to the iSaver, the Everyday Saver account offers a sound interest rate with full access including over the counter transactions.
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  • Term Deposits

    If you are seeking to grow your wealth, our Term Deposit investment accounts offer highly competitive interest rates.
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