Local values making a global difference

The Capricornian has been a long time partner of the Credit Union Foundation of Australia (CUFA). The organisation exists to combat poverty and empower people in ultra-poor communities throughout the Asia Pacific region. Together with CUFA, we believe in helping these people with a hand up instead of a hand out, teaching them basic financial and business skills and helping shape a better future for themselves through access to financial services. We specifically support three ‘Village Entrepreneurs’ throughout the region and we’re proud to report on their progress…

THACH PHOURNG, CAMBODIA: Chicken raiser, factory worker

“I have increased my total chicken range and increased the number of people interested in my chickens to 4-5 chicken buyers. I’ve used the profits from my business to purchase bikes to support my children’s education, and I can save $1.25 a month in the savings bank to repair parts of my house – for example I refilled the soil around my house to prevent flooding. My goals for the next quarter are to sell 40 chickens to receive profit and build a new chicken coop.”

SARANN SANG, CAMBODIA: Chicken raiser, rice farmer and volunteer for community development works

“To assist my business expand I’ve purchased materials like net, bamboo, wood, and rope to make a fence around the coop. I sold 14 chickens for profit, and have about 45 chickens remaining. I have been keeping an eye on the market so I can sell my chickens for the best price. Results of my recent business activities have allowed me to have a larger, more secure chicken coop. I also found a new wholesaler who provided me with good products and reasonable prices to build my coop and purchase food.”


“I have undertaken to expand my business and have planted cassava, banana tree and vegetables to make organic pig food. I bought 50 kg of food from the markets to feed my pigs, and results of my recent business activities have allowed me to be able to grow healthy pigs. I have repeat customers and am able to save $10 a month in the savings bank. My goals for the next quarter are to save it together to buy another pig and raise it.”

Helping people like Thach, Sarann and Joao with skills in money management and access to financial services gives them a better chance to save for and create a better future for themselves and their families.

CUFA is proud to be a part of, and recognise the importance of the global community. Their unique development approach starts with building capacity in the individual, with its resulting impact extending to the whole community. Instead of just giving money, CUFA teaches people how to use it. We help entrepreneurs to develop micro-businesses, providing employment opportunities and retaining income within the village.

CUFA supports over 4 million beneficiaries across 14 countries each year, for more information visit www.cufa.org.au.


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