Information for VISA card holders – potential phone call scam

We wanted to advise our members about a phone call scam alert that we’ve been informed about, from one of our financial partners – Cuscal Vigil.

We have been alerted to a potential phone call scam targeting Vigil client cardholders, which may include VISA cardholders.

Please note this phone call scam is not directed towards members of The Capricornian. The scam is however, generating random phone numbers to target and we simply encourage members to be conscious about the nature of these calls; should they receive one.

Specifically, scam callers have been identifying themselves as the “Vigil Fraud Department”, “Visa Fraud Monitoring team” and “Fraud team in Collins Street Melbourne” in an attempt to coerce a member to provide personal information, card numbers and transactional information

Please be advised that:

  • The Vigil fraud department will never attempt to confirm the primary account number (PAN) of a customer’s card during an outbound call to a customer.
  • A genuine call from the Vigil fraud department will only ever ask to confirm the last 4 digits of the card.
  • The Vigil fraud department will always encourage a customer to contact either their relevant customer service team or the phone number printed on the back of the customer’s card; should they be unsure or uncomfortable with the legitimacy of the call.

We would ask our members that if a phone call of this nature is received, to please hang up immediately, and call our Capricornian Contact Centre team on 1300 314 900.

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