How to do the Rocky Show on a budget

Want to treat the kids to a day at the show without breaking the bank?

Here’s a few tips for a fun-filled day!

1. Buy your entry tickets online.

This tip will save you more time than money, but hey, time = money, right? If you buy your entry tickets online ahead of time, you can avoid the lines at the gate by entering through the Express Entry lane. This entry point is reserved for online ticket holders and will ensure you’re not wasting valuable ride time waiting in line. Entry tickets are available for purchase online here through the Rocky Show website.

2. Set a budget for Show day.

Once you’ve organised your entry tickets, you should figure out how much you’re willing to spend on the entire day, or at the event if you are going multiple days. Set the difference aside, either in cash or a separate spending account, so you know exactly how much you have at the event and when you’ve hit your limit. Let’s be honest, there is such a thing as too many dagwood dogs and we need a little reminder sometimes.

3. Find the freebies!

The best things in life are free! And they’re so much more fun because of it. There’s enough free entertainment at this year’s Rocky Show that if you wanted to, you could spend a whole day (and evening) there for the cost of your $10 entry ticket. There’ll be fireworks, reptile encounters, circus workshops and the petting zoo in the Robert Schwarten Indoor Pavilion. All of this will no doubt be a huge hit with the kids!

Be sure to find The Capricornian in two great locations:

  1. The Exhibition Pavilion (as sponsors of the Community Stage) with a free colouring in competition, cow bells, piggy banks and goodies for the kids, and
  2. Walter Pierce Pavilion, with daily prize giveaways for the adults and free bottled water!

Our “Moolah” mascot will also be making appearances at the Rocky Show, handing out free fun gifts for the kids.

Got all that? Ok, let’s go. It’s Show time!

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