Help in raising funds for a lonely disease

run4life2Nina Jakins is running from Brisbane to Rockhampton to raise much needed funds and to promote awareness for those suffering from depression.  The Capricornian is a major sponsor of this event “RUN4LIFE” and is asking others to support this fantastic cause.

Money raised will provide access to a local psychologist Mandy Dexter who works in the local areas of Rockhampton, Yeppoon and out West to help to prevent these people from taking their lives.  Depression is such a lonely disease.

Along with the mammoth run by Nina, other fund raising activities include a $100 raffle prize, regular sausage sizzles at the Berserker St newsagency and a Gala Dinner to be held June 18 at the Rowing Club.

If you would like to purchase any tickets to any of these events, or make a donation, simply contact or drop in to The Capricornian Rockhampton branch.

We would love your support.


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