Giving Back after the Yeppoon Fires

In November last year, areas of Bungundarra, Cobrall, Mary Vale, Lake Mary and surrounding Yeppoon locations experienced some of the worst bush fires in history. Land, homes, sheds, feed and stock sadly perished, with conditions worsening over the course of the week and negatively impacting the control measure of these fires.

Following these events and wanting to support the local community, The Capricornian staff and community grants committee committed funds to support local volunteers that bravely assisted or were impacted.

The Capricornian is proud to support many local community and not for profits groups throughout Central Queensland, and wanted to extend this support to both Cooberrie Park Wildlife Santuary and the Bungundarra Rural Fire Brigade.

Giving Back after the Yeppoon Fires - Volunteers of the Bungundarra Rural Fire Bridage.
Pictured: [Bungundarra Volunteers] Erika Meehan (treasurer), Anthony Sylvester (1st officer & fire warden), Steven Boyes (2nd officer), Simon Meehan (3rd officer), Brad Epple (4th officer) and Troy Mundt (Brigade Member) with
[The Capricornian] Hollie Hinchliffe and Ashlee Cagney

Bungundarra Rural Fire Brigade

The Emergency Services and volunteer Rural Fire Brigades worked tirelessly to protect property, stock, homes and lives. Fire fighters were working shifts upwards of 18 hours, together with other local rural fire brigades, and then joined by teams from NSW and New Zealand.

The team at Bungundarra Rural Fire Brigade are looking to secure land to build a new shed which will house their fire truck, vehicle (pictured) as well as equipment. They are currently investigating land options that will be suitable and then construction will begin.

By donating $2,000 to the Bungandarra Rural Fire Brigade, The Capricornian are hoping that the funds will greatly assist with the construction of their new shed, and are looking forward to bringing you updates into the new year.

The Member Engagement team visited the Brigade just before Christmas to thank the team for their hard work during the fires, and present them with their donation.

Cooberrie Park Wildlife Sanctuary

Cooberrie Park is a wildlife sanctuary which takes care of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife that are then rehabilitated prior to release back to the wild. Generally these animals are victims of car incidents, dog or cat attacks or abandoned. However, following the devastation from the recent fires, Cooberrie Park have experienced an influx of wildlife at their sanctuary.

Giving Back after the Yeppoon Fires - Cooberrie Park Staff with The Capricornian's Member Engagement Team.
Pictured: [Cooberrie Park] Kieron Smedley and Anthony Pickett with
[The Capricornian] Hollie Hinchliffe and Ashlee Cagney

The team at Wildlife Rehabilitation have seen an influx of a range of animals following the fires, including wallabies, joeys and birds. The costs involved for medical treatment as well as food and supplies has taken a toll on the wildlife sanctuary; particularly as they aim to release the recovered animals back to the wild following treatment.

The Capricornian have provided a sponsorship of $3,500 to the wildlife sanctuary, to assist with supporting of the rehabilitation of animals that have been impacted by the recent fires. Cooberrie Park receives no Government support and relies solely on funding from park admission costs and community donations.

The Member Engagement Team visited the team at the sanctuary to chat about what happened during and following the fires, and to discover how the donation will be beneficial for the animals that need rehabilitation. The team presented the cheque and were given the opportunity to have cuddles with one of the resident koalas, Calypso, and two recovering joeys, Cassius (Kangaroo) and Dini (Wallaby).

Giving Back after the Yeppoon Fires - Cooberrie Park Staff with The Capricornian's Member Engagement Team.
Pictured: [Cooberrie Park] Kieron Smedley and Anthony Pickett with [The Capricornian] Natalie Ohl and Hollie Hinchliffe

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