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It’s been a rollercoaster year for Robin and Linda Adams but thanks to The Capricornian, the Coco Brew owners will end the 2020 year on a high – settling into their dream home.

Helping a local business in tough times.

Like many in the hospitality industry, the COVID-19 crisis threatened to end their business and livelihood.

“When everything shut down on March 23rd, it was scary times,” Robin said. “We had rents to pay, kids to feed, kids to send to school and no timeline.”

It meant Robin and Linda almost had to forego their long held dream of finding a “real home” for their three teenage sons.

“Every big bank just said ‘we’re not lending to people with their own business- that’s it’,” Robin said. “Because of COVID and the hospitality industry’s three month closure, no bank really wanted to touch us because they saw us as too much of a risk.”

They decided to call The Capricornian.

“I think The Capricornian really cared and they genuinely wanted to give us the money,” Robin said.

The couple sat down with Troy Rowe, Business Development Manager at The Capricornian.

“When we saw Troy, he said ‘we’ll get this done – we’ll make it happen’ and he just kept in contact.”

Two weeks ago, Robin and Linda moved into their dream home.

“We’ve always lived in our businesses,” Linda said. “For the first time the boys actually have somewhere that’s home, with their own rooms – they’re not living in a hotel or motel.”

Robin said strong relationships had always been something he highly valued in business and in his personal life and that’s where he found the biggest difference between The Capricornian and other banks. “The big banks couldn’t understand our situation, and weren’t interested to be honest,” he said.

“Until you make that phone call… you don’t know how much better off you’ll be.

“Without the Capricornian we wouldn’t be living in our dream home.”

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