Enhanced SMS One Time Password service and Viagogo transactions to be blocked

We have an ongoing commitment to providing convenient banking services and acting in the best interest of our members, when it comes to keeping your funds safe and secure.

A secure feature of our Online Banking and cap app services is the requirement of an SMS One Time Password to be generated when a member is updating contact information, updating saved Payee and BPAY® details and loading new Payee or BPAY® details. Until now an SMS One Time Password could only be sent to a registered mobile number within Australia.

Members living overseas or in areas where mobile coverage is poor or non-existent, can now register an international mobile number or landline number on which to receive an SMS One Time Password (converted to a message when delivered via landline). This means members can literally do their banking whenever and wherever in this big wide world of ours!

To register your international mobile number you will need to contact The Capricornian. Call us on +61 74931 4900, email to info@capricornian.com.au or complete an online General Enquiry Form.

In the best interest of our members, The Capricornian has also made a recent decision, to block card transactions using online ticket reseller, Viagogo.

The Federal Court has found ticket reseller Viagogo AG made false or misleading representations and engaged in conduct liable to mislead the public when reselling entertainment, music and live sport event tickets, in breach of the Australian Consumer Law. The Court found Viagogo misled consumers by claiming tickets to certain events were scarce when the scarcity only referred to the tickets available on its resale platform and didn’t include tickets available elsewhere.

If you would like to have future transactions for Viagogo honoured, please contact The Capricornian. In choosing to have such transactions honoured, you may waive your right to dispute card transactions through merchants of this nature.

Find more information on any of our banking services on our website, pop into your nearest branch, call our Capricornian Contact Centre team on 1300 314 900 or email info@capricornian.com.au

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