Do job interviews make you nervous?


C2C: Girls Grammar School workshop in May

C2C: Girls Grammar School workshop in May

Anyone who has ever been for a job interview knows how nerve-racking they can be and being prepared can be the difference between getting the job and not.

Interview and communication skills are being taught in many of our schools to prepare students for future career opportunities. On Thursday 8th May and Tuesday 3rd June, The Capricornian’s North Side Plaza Branch Manager Jodie Hare and East Street Branch Manager Kylie Cox volunteered their time to participate in the Communication to Careers (C2C) workshops held in Rockhampton.

C2C is an initiative providing senior students with the opportunity to network with local businesses, an invaluable experience according to Girls Grammar School Principal Melinda Scash. “It’s real business people giving up real time to give our students the opportunity to test their conversation and presenting skills. We believe it’s one of the most important things seniors can do in their final year” said Ms Scash. Jodie and Kylie have been invited back by C2C organisers to attend workshops to be held in July and September this year.


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