Community Grants Program – Here for Good

Capella State High School is working to grow young peoples’ health and well-being through expanding sport offerings at the school. In 2022, we launched a Volleyball Excellence program.

This year we applied for Round 9 of the Capricornian Community Grants Program, and were successful in receiving funding. This generous grant will enable the school to deliver the program with quality resources.

An electronic scoreboard to share scoring as opposed to flip cards on a table is just one example! The new equipment is on order and will arrive for use next term.

The program is being led by two Health and Physical Education teachers – Kristy Lane and Charlie Doevendans.

“This equipment will lead to an increase in student participation and more training opportunities. It will give us the chance to invite other schools for matches and provide opportunities our students have not had before,” Kristy said.

“The upgraded sound system in the sports hall will give us the chance to run fundraising activities to support our teams to travel to the Queensland Volleyball Cup in the future,” said Charlie.

Student player and team leader, Sarah Beer commented that the Volleyball program has students getting out and doing more.

“We are loving the social aspect as well as the sport.

We even get to play kids from other schools,” Sarah explained.

This program, with the upgraded equipment will deliver skills in the sport as well as fun, fitness and well-being for students at Capella.

The Capricornian uses some of our profits to give back to the community in which we operate. Our focus is on strengthening relationships and supporting worthy organisations and initiatives in Central Queensland.

To find out more information about our Community Grants Program click here

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