Accessing your money should be easy. We offer a Visa Debit card which will suit your financial needs.

  • Visa Debit Card

  • The Capricornian’s Visa Debit cards acts like a credit, but you use your own funds.
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  • Cards – Lost/Stolen/Fraud

  • If you’ve lost your Capricornian Debit card, or think it may have been stolen or notice fraudulent transactions on your card, the first thing to do is to call us.
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  • Verified by Visa

  • Verified by Visa provides added security to ensure that only you can use your Visa card to make purchases online.
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  • Visa PayWave

  • Visa payWave is a secure, contactless technology that will help you spend less time at that register and give you the freedom to do the things that matter most to you.
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  • Visa Checkout

  • The easier way to pay online, from the company you know and trust.
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  • Card Security

  • Visa has developed a number of tools and services to allow fraud to be managed effectively including the Verified by Visa program.
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