The Capricornian supports Rockhampton award-winning taxi driver Malcolm Lamb

For Malcolm Lamb, operating a taxi service is simply about offering a clean cab, great service and a pleasant journey.

His ‘Silver Service’ cab has been a great success in Rockhampton after he identified a demand for a different taxi experience in the area more in line to those offered in the bigger cities.

Malcolm has been a hard and humble worker for many years, and was greatly surprised to be recognised as Queensland’s Taxi Driver of the Year at the recent 2016 Taxi Council Queensland Industry Awards in Brisbane.

“When I was nominated I thought I was just going along for the experience and to meet a few people, but next thing I know they were singing my name out!” he says.

The Capricornian congratulates Malcolm on his achievement and for providing consistent, high quality service to the people of Rockhampton.

Malcolm recently sat down to tell us about his job, the award, and his experience as a member of The Capricornian.


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