Sea Change Brings Investment Opportunity

We’ve all heard about the man who walked into a bar… but what about a man who walked into a bank?

Brian Bonde, a fourth generation farmer from Tasmania sold his properties and made the move north and relocated to the Capricorn Coast. Brian and his wife Donna took their proposal of purchasing an Airbnb investment purchase to two of the ‘Big 4’, which they had a 100 year history with. Whilst they met the criteria from these banks, Brian and Donna found them to be inflexible and out of touch, uncaring for their specific needs. Even though they ticked all the boxes, neither could offer a product that suited their needs.

After discussing their dilemma with a Yeppoon friend, also a happy member of The Capricornian they suggested Brian and Donna make an appointment with our Home Finance Manager, Leah Jackson. During their appointment with Leah, she was quick to recognise the positives of the Bonde’s proposal and was keen to be a part of their venture. Leah was able to offer a product that was a perfect fit for their needs. Brian and Donna’s banking experience had suddenly taken a turn for the better.

“The staff in the Yeppoon Branch know us by name and are always so happy and eager to help. We love the friendliness and have found the Capricornian to be much more in touch with the community and customer needs. I have no hesitation in recommending Leah and her team to any potential customer,” Brian said.

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