Switch to The Capricornian

Make the switch to the better choice in banking

The Capricornian’s switching service makes it easier than ever to move all your accounts over from your old bank.
We will help you open your account, switch any specified external accounts to your new Capricornian transaction account and make sure we redirect any regular payments (such as direct debits and credits) that come out of your old accounts.

Make the switch in 3 easy steps:

Step One

Join The Capricornian by opening an account with us.

You can apply for membership by:

If you’re already a Member of the credit union – You can skip to step two.

Step Two

Complete our Switch Form.
We’ll do all the work for you. All you need to do is complete the ‘Authority to Switch’ form identifying your account information with your old bank and we will contact them on your behalf to obtain a list of regular payments (credits and debits) to and from the old account.

Switch of Regular Payments form

Step Three

Confirm regular repayments and close old accounts

Once a list of regular payments has been obtained, we will get you to review and confirm which payment you would like to switch over to us. We will then assist in advising the relevant organisations of your change in account details.
When you start seeing your direct debits and credits occurring automatically from your Capricornian transaction account, you can close your account at your old financial institution.