Our Culture

Our Mission

To share co-operative banking with the community, be our members’  financial institution of choice and assist members responsibly to achieve their financial goals and objectives.

Our Vision

Provide trusted, financially sustainable and quality financial services to our members and our communities, now and for future generations.

Our Values

The values of The Capricornian are articulated through what we call our FIRST values.

F – Fairness: We are flexible, equitable and accessible when dealing with our members, colleagues and stakeholders.
I – Integrity: We are always honest, reliable and transparent when dealing with each other and our communities.
R – Respect: We respect each other’s differences and this is evidenced by behaviour that is accepting, approachable and understanding.
S – Social Responsibility: Mutuality and co-operative commerce are at the core of our business and inform how we seek to drive economic growth for the benefit and welfare of Central Queensland’s society.
T – Trust: We seek to do what we say and say what we do in our interactions with members, staff and the broader community.