5 Reasons You Should Consider a Dash Cam

Dashboard cameras, more widely referred to as Dash Cams, have fast become one of the most popular car additions in recent years. A Dash Cam is a small device mounted inside your car to record sounds and images. 

It’s not surprising these devices have become increasingly popular among motorists because the recordings can be used for a variety of purposes.  This includes recording information about accidents and/or incidents that take place both inside and outside a car.

The Capricornian have an ongoing partnership with CGU, and are currently running a Dash Cam giveaway! You could receive a Dash Cam when you obtain a new eligible Motor Vehicle Insurance policy with The Capricornian* (offer available until Tuesday 31 May 2022).

Dash Cam recordings offer numerous benefits. Here are five big reasons to install this small device in your vehicle:

1. Evidence of a car accident.

A Dash Cam is a handy little device that acts as a silent witness. While you’re driving, a Dash Cam conveniently observes the road ahead and captures any accident which you happen to witness or be involved in.

Since a Dash Cam accurately records details of what takes place on the road and around your vehicle, it provides strong and effective evidence for road incidents.

Even better, the Dash Cam in the giveaway promotion, also includes a 3-Axis G-Sensor that records the direction and speed of impact that together with Full HD 1080P recording gives precise and detailed evidence of what happened.

2. Watch over your vehicle when unattended.

Some models, have a parking mode feature to record at times while your vehicle is stationery.  This means it can be set to stay on even when you are not with the vehicle, and without you having to leave your car engine on. 

A Dash Cam can efficiently record incidents (such as dents and scratches) that happen to your vehicle while unattended. It can also record vandals who are trying to break into your car, especially if you leave your vehicle unattended in public places or in areas that are poorly lit.  Most Dash Cams are optimised for both day and night recording.

Another big advantage of dashboard cameras is that some models also have additional cameras to record surrounding areas.  Many models also have an inbuilt microphone to record audio.

3. Keep an eye on your teen driver.

Are you a parent whose child just received their driver’s license? As a concerned parent and car owner, you may feel more at ease knowing you could monitor in real time the whereabouts of your vehicle and its passengers.

Many Dash Cams, including the model in the CGU Insurance Dash Cam giveaway, provide the option to have a GPS tag put on every piece of footage. The Dash Cam will stamp it with the time, date, driving speed, and route of travel. Some models even allow you to even watch what is happening in real-time using your smartphone.

Having insight into driver habits and behaviours can also provide parents with the opportunity to provide safety tips to their teen and support healthy driving habits.

4. Report a reckless or careless driver.

Many people have had the unpleasant experience of witnessing a driver who is irresponsible on the road. 

Drink driving, road rage and other dangerous behaviours behind the wheel are prevalent and these actions put the lives of fellow drivers and innocent passengers in danger. 

Often people are reluctant to report reckless road behaviour without any proof.  Having a Dash Cam is like having an eye-witness ready to testify on your behalf.

Supplying footage captured by a dashboard camera to the police can be used to prevent future accidents by reporting reckless and dangerous drivers so law enforcement can punish offenders before the worst-case scenario happens.

5. Capture memories of your trip.

Road trips are a great way to enjoy time with your family and create some great lifetime memories.  A Dash Cam is a great way to capture these moments.

With a Dash Cam recording, you can capture memories like a particularly beautiful drive, and the bigger the SD card’s storage, the more memories you can store. 

You can even go the extra mile with the recordings and transfer them to your computer.  From here, you could enhance your memories by adding background music, commentary, and some photos from your journey!

To sum up, a dashboard camera is a great investment, especially when you receive one with CGU Insurance joint promotion* with The Capricornian. 

A Dash Cam in your vehicle will help you in whatever situation you’re in. To take advantage of the Dash Cam giveaway promotion, enquire with The Capricornian about a new Motor Vehicle insurance policy with CGU.

 *Eligibility criteria, terms and conditions, fees and charges apply. The Capricornian Ltd. ABN 54 087 650 940. AFSL/Australian Credit Licence 246780. Terms and conditions, Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) and Target Market Determination (TMD) relating to the promotion are available in branch or online at www.capricornian.com.au/insurance-dashcam-giveaway/. Eligible recipients for the Navman MiVue745 2.7 Dash Cam giveaway promotion must purchase one or more new full comprehensive Motor Vehicle insurance policies. Pre-existing policies are not eligible for entry. The qualifying CGU Policy must be active at the time the Navman MiVue745 2.7 Dash Cam is provided. . The Dash Cam will be provided to the policy purchaser by mail following the 21 day cooling off period. Limit of one Navman MiVue745 2.7 Dash Cam per eligible recipient. If an insurance policy has two (2) or more policy holders, the 􀃶first insured person will be awarded the Navman MiVue745 2.7 Dash Cam. The recipient of the Dash Cam will be responsible for the installation and operation of the Dash Cam as per the product installation Instruction. The Capricornian Ltd. will not be responsible or liable for any Navman MiVue745 2.7 Dash Cam that is installed incorrectly. The Qualifying CGU Policy must be either paid immediately in full or, if a qualifying CGU Policy is ‘pay-by-the-month’, direct debit details must be provided. The Capricornian Ltd does not guarantee any claim or bene􀃶t payable under the insurance policy. We receive commission on insurance products details, which can be found in our Conditions of Use brochure. The Capricornian Ltd ABN 54 087 650 940 acts under its own AFSL and under an agreement with the insurer Insurance Australia Limited ABN 11 000 016 722 trading as CGU Insurance. Consider the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Target Market Determinations (TMDs) available in branch or from www.capricornian.com.au to see if the product is right for you.

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